Handguards and Rail Systems

Handguards and Rail Systems

CASV-14: M14 Rail System

In response to the market demand for an extended and lighter cluster rail, VLTOR released the CASV-14 M14 Rail System. This improved rail system for the M1A/M14 is lighter, slimmer and more versatile for the end user. This rail is onl...

CASV-FAL: FAL Free-Float Handguard

The CASV-FAL series is a free-float handguard designed for the FAL series of rifles. They mount solidly to the standard inch or metric FAL with a short version for the carbine style FALs.

CASV-KM: AR-15 Handguard with KeyMod

The CASV-KM handguard is a drop on rail system for any AR-15 platform equipped with an M4 flat top receiver. This year we introduce the CASV-KM, with the integrated KeyMod system. The KeyMod system breaks from the traditional fixed qu...

CASV: AR-15 Handguard

Originally developed for the US Navy E.O.D. (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Groups, the CASV handguard is a drop-on rail system for any AR-15 platform equipped with an M4 flat top receiver and fixed front sight post.

CAS-FS: Flip-Up Front Sight

The CAS-FS Front Flip-Up Sight is the perfect addition to the CASV-M handguard. This front sight installs on the forward part of the handguard and when folded down, it sits no higher than the Picatinny rail section.




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