ABOUT VLTOR Weapon Systems

The name VLTOR originates from the Latin word ultor and means “Avenger”.
Latin pronunciation is uhl’tawr. Current pronunciation is vōl-tȯr.


VLTOR Weapon Systems began as a small operation based in Idaho in 2001. The company gained popularity in the market with the release of the original VLTOR Modstock. In 2004, VLTOR was bought out by a precision sheetmetal and CNC machining company called Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Inc. (AAMI). Founded in 1965 in Tucson, Arizona, AAMI provided a highly capable manufacturing facility that led to the rapid expansion of the VLTOR product line.

In the past decade, VLTOR released a series of innovative products to the weapons market. Most notably, the company has produced items such as: the CASV handguard, the Enhanced Modstock (EMOD), the VIS Polylithic Upper, and the A5 system. VLTOR is committed to continually growing the product line in order to provide the end users with the most robust, well performing weapons in the market.