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  • AEBK-A5_buffer_kit_3

    AEBK-A5: VLTOR A5 Stock Combo Kit

    The VLTOR A5 Stock Combo Kit is not just an EMOD stock with M4 components; it was developed as a completely new operating system. Specifically developed on the request of the USMC, the A5 combo kit is considered to be the most innovative upgrade for the AR platform, increasing ...

  • ARM_01

    ARM: Rifle Stock

    The ARM rifle stock is a dual-purpose stock system which mounts to either a carbine collapsible receiver extension (Mil-Spec only) or a rifle length receiver extension. The ARM stock is simple to install and enhances the look of the weapon, giving it a continuous smooth look.

  • EMOD_01

    EMOD: Enhanced Modular Stock

    The VLTOR EMOD provides a variety of enhancements in comparison to other stocks. The increased length is a major benefit for those weapons using scoped rifles, as it increases the available comb for any length of pull. The EMOD is slightly wider and longer at the toe than a re ...

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  • IMOD_01

    IMOD: Improved Modular Stock

    Designed from lessons taken from the modern battlefield, the IMOD stock provides a highly practical and functional design. In addition, the stock is constructed from the finest materials, making it capable of withstanding the most rugged demands. The IMOD stock kit is the perf ...

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