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  • CASV-14-001

    CASV-14: M14 Rail System

    In response to the market demand for an extended and lighter cluster rail, VLTOR released the CASV-14 M14 Rail System. This improved rail system for the M1A/M14 is lighter, slimmer and more versatile for the end user. This rail is only produced in the highly requested “exten ...

  • New M14 Stock

    M1-S: M14/M1A Improved Modstock System

    The M1-S Stock System is the essential upgrade for the Springfield Socom platform. The stock system is now formed with VLTOR’s proprietary mold and is manufactured with a proprietary carbon fiber composite. This makes the stock system stronger and lighter than ever before.

  • qdm-14-001

    QDM-14: M1S/M14 Railed Sling Mount

    The QDM-14 gives the user the ability to have a bottom mounted Picatinny rail and a push button side sling mount without modifying the original GI fiberglass handguard assembly.

  • re-ebr-001

    RE-EBR: Sage Stock Adaptor

    The RE-EBR VLTOR Stock Adaptor was developed specifically for the Sage International MK14 Enhanced Battle Rifle. This stock adaptor provides flexibility and conversion as it allows for installation of an M4/AR15 buttstock onto a SAGE EBR chassis.




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