VLTOR A5 Buffers


VLTOR A5 Buffers

VLTOR A5 Buffers

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Specifically developed on the request of the USMC, the A5 buffer system is considered to be the most innovative upgrade for the AR platform, increasing the reliability, accuracy, and performance of AR pattern weapons. For the operator that requires a specially weighted buffer, or wants to fine tune their weapon, the VLTOR A5 buffers come in five unique weights.

*** A5 buffers are only compatible with other VLTOR A5 buffer system components. The buffers themselves are longer than traditional carbine buffers, and they cannot be used in standard carbine receiver extensions.

Clear Selection
  • VLTOR patented design
  • Body of the buffer is 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Mil-Spec Type III clear hard coat anodized
  • Weights for the A5 buffers
    • A5H0: 3.80oz
    • A5H1: 4.56oz
    • A5H2: 5.33oz
    • A5H3: 6.08oz
    • A5H4: 6.83oz

1. Can I use these buffers in a carbine receiver?

No, the VLTOR A5 buffers are only designed to work with the A5 receiver extensions (RE-A5 and RE-10/A5SR). Attempting to use these parts in a regular carbine receiver extension will result in damage to the firearm and potential injury to the operator.



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