SP-1: Carbine Spring and Buffer Kit


SP-1: Carbine Spring and Buffer Kit

SP-1: Carbine Spring and Buffer Kit


The Vltor SP-1 Carbine Spring and Buffer Kit is an exceptional choice for replacing existing parts or for a new build of a carbine rifle. The parts are manufactured to ensure accuracy and reliability in the weapon system. This kit comes with a standard 3oz carbine buffer (3.25″ OAL), standard carbine spring, Vltor lockplate, and castle nut.

***These components are standard carbine components. These are NOT components from our A5 buffer system.

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  • Standard carbine buffer
  • Carbine length action spring
  • VLTOR endplate
  • Receiver locknut
  • Standard carbine weighted buffer included
  • Receiver locknut has three notches for staking
  • Weight 6.00oz

1. Can I purchase these parts separately? Or do they have to be purchased as a kit?

The parts can be ordered as a kit or as individual items.

2. Does VLTOR offer a heavy weighted carbine buffer?

We do not. We only offer a standard 2.95 oz carbine buffer.



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