SP-1: Carbine Spring and Buffer Kit


SP-1: Carbine Spring and Buffer Kit

SP-1: Carbine Spring and Buffer Kit


The Vltor SP-1 Carbine Spring and Buffer Kit is an exceptional choice for replacing existing parts or for a new build of a carbine rifle. The parts are manufactured to ensure accuracy and reliability in the weapon system. This kit comes with a standard 3oz carbine buffer (3.25″ OAL), standard carbine spring, Vltor lockplate, and castle nut.

***These components are standard carbine components. These are NOT components from our A5 buffer system.

Export Control:
Many of VLTOR’s products are export controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Shipments from VLTOR may contain products controlled by the U.S. DoS or the U.S. DoC. Export of such items may not be done without prior approval from the U.S. Government and VLTOR.

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  • Standard carbine buffer
  • Carbine length action spring
  • VLTOR endplate
  • Receiver locknut
  • Standard carbine weighted buffer included
  • Receiver locknut has three notches for staking
  • Weight 6.00oz

1. Can I purchase these parts separately? Or do they have to be purchased as a kit?

The parts can be ordered as a kit or as individual items.

2. Does VLTOR offer a heavy weighted carbine buffer?

We do not. We only offer a standard 2.95 oz carbine buffer.



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