RE-A5: 7-Position A5 Receiver Extension (VULCAN)



VN-RE-A5: VULCAN A5 Receiver Extension

RE-A5: 7-Position A5 Receiver Extension (VULCAN)
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The “VULCAN” (blem) RE-A5 Receiver Extension is a 7-position A5 receiver extension that has experienced some scratches or dents along the way. These receiver extensions have cosmetic blemishes only but they range in location of scratch/dent and severity.

This receiver extension is designed to work with the VLTOR A5 system. It is longer than a traditional M4/AR15 carbine receiver extension, and is not compatible with standard (3.25″ OAL) carbine buffers or carbine springs. An A5/rifle length spring and VLTOR A5 buffer must be used with this receiver extension.

The outside diameter of this tube is mil-spec, and it will accept all mil-spec dimensioned M4/AR-15 type collapsible stocks. Some smaller, closed-back stocks, like the VLTOR Imod, won’t fully index into position #1 on this 7-position tube, but will on the 6-position RE-10/A5SR. If more clarification is needed, feel free to email

*Note- this product is part of our VULCAN line of items. This includes factory second, blemished items, and limited edition items. Please read our VULCAN policies completely before ordering. By placing an order you agree that you have read and understand these policies.*

Export Control:
Many of VLTOR’s products are export controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Shipments from VLTOR may contain products controlled by the U.S. DoS or the U.S. DoC. Export of such items may not be done without prior approval from the U.S. Government and VLTOR.

  • Seven position receiver extension made from impact extruded 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Hard coat anodized
  • Positions are numbered and are visible through the witness hole on most stocks
  • Snag-free sliding of the buttstock

  • Receiver is designed to use the VLTOR A5 spring and buffer kit only which is sold separately.
  • Receiver extension is Mil-Spec dimensioned and will only accept M4 type Mil-Spec buttstocks
  • Space between the seven positions of the receiver extension: 0.650”
  • Weighs 4.3 oz

1. Can I use a carbine spring and buffer kit with the RE-A5?

You cannot. The use of a carbine spring and buffer with the RE-A5 receiver extension could result in damage to your firearm. The RE-A5 receiver extension is designed to only work with other VLTOR A5 components which can be purchased separately.

2. What stock can I use with this receiver extension?

The A5 receiver extension will accept most M4/AR-15 type stocks. You would need to make sure that it is a Mil-Spec dimensioned stock. Please take note, most AR-15 type stocks will not collapse all the way down to the last position due to the A5 receiver extension being longer than a traditional M4 receiver extension. The VLTOR EMOD stock will collapse all the way to the last position with the RE-A5 receiver extension. If you do want to use a different stock or the VLTOR IMOD stock with the A5 components and have your stock collapse all the way down, we do sell a different A5 extension that will allow this. It is the VLTOR RE-10/A5SR. It is a six position Mil-Spec A5 receiver extension. This receiver extension is slightly shorter to allow for the stock to collapse all the way down. You must use the A5 spring and buffer kit for this receiver extension.

3. What if I need a heavier or lighter buffer for my weapon?

The A5 kit was specifically developed to use different weight buffers depending on your need. There are 5 different weights to allow you to fine tune your weapon. The weights are: 3.8oz, 4.56oz, 5.3oz, 6.08oz, and 6.83oz. The A5 combo kit comes with the A5H2 buffer. While we sell different buffer weights, the A5 combo kit is only sent with the A5H2 buffer and we do not offer substitutions. You can purchase the different pieces to the A5 kit from our webstore.

4. What is the overall length of the RE-A5?

Overall physical length is 7 15/16″


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  1. Gregory Smetanko

    Excellent product, the additional length is great for those with long reach or using body armor.

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