IMOD: Improved Modular Stock


IMOD: Improved Modular Stock

IMOD: Improved Modular Stock
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Designed from lessons taken from the modern battlefield, the IMOD stock provides a highly practical and functional design. In addition, the stock is constructed from the finest materials, making it capable of withstanding the most rugged demands. The IMOD stock kit is the perfect start to any AR-15 build.

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Clear Selection
  • Waterproof side battery compartments that holds 3 CR123 or two AA batteries in each compartment
  • Comes pre-assembled with rubber buttpad and strike plate
  • Rolled/ angled buttpad with a wide traction area
  • Matte (anti-reflection/anti-glare) finish
  • Impact and temperature resistant polymer, specifically blended for VLTOR stocks
  • Has standard military and quick disconnect swivel socket accessible from both sides
  • Kit (Mil-Spec only) includes five position Mil-Spec receiver extension , carbine spring and buffer kit, VLTOR Lock Plate and VLTOR Lock Nut
  • Available in Mil-Spec or Commercial configuration
  • Available in Standard or Clubfoot style

Foliage Green:

  • Length with buttpad: 6.26 inches (at centerline of tube)
  • Standard Weight: 9.5 oz
  • Clubfoot Weight: 9.9 oz
  • LOP fully collapsed: 10.25 inches
  • LOP fully extended: 13.50 inches
  • Receiver extension is made of 7075 T6 impact extrusion


1. What is the difference between the EMOD and the IMOD stock?

The EMOD stock only comes in the clubfoot configuration whereas the IMOD comes in standard and clubfoot. The EMOD also has the additional storage compartment in the foot of the stock. The EMOD is 1.50 inches longer than the IMOD for longer length of pull.

 2. What is the difference between Standard and Clubfoot?

While the Standard configuration is the most well-known style, the Clubfoot version is a hybrid model that bridges the gap between tactical and prone shooting positions. The Clubfoot portion of the stock allows the shooter, with his/her off hand, to support the stock and to control the rear of the weapon, while shooting in prone or rested position.

 3. Is there any adaptor that I can purchase to take off the battery compartments and have something fill the void?

At this time we do not sell a product that will allow you to take off the battery compartments and fill that void with something. The original modstock cheekweld adaptors will fit the IMOD but it does not fit the full length of the stock.

 4. Do you sell a product or know of a product that I can install to raise the cheekweld on the stock?

We do not sell a product that will allow you to raise the cheekweld on the EMOD or IMOD stock nor do we know of anything that you can attach to the stock to make the cheekweld higher.

 5. I lost my battery compartment caps. Can I purchase them through VLTOR?

Yes, we sell the compartment caps separately. Visit our webstore or give us a call to place an order.



Customer Reviews

2 reviews for IMOD: Improved Modular Stock

  1. Owen

    Having owned and EMOD now for a couple of years I now have an IMOD as well. The IMOD is on a Colt LE6940P and I absolutely love it. The tapered base helps seat a “quick raise” in tight to your shoulder and is very comfortable. Another great product from VLTOR.

  2. Brian Stark

    I ordered the IMOD stock for my personal rifle build and fell in love. As a Reservist I received orders to deployoverseas for another combat tour. I replaced the standard M4 stock with my IMOD and it has served faithfully for my entire deployment. I will only have VLTOR stocks on any of my AR/ M4 rifles from now until the end of time. Thank you for such an outstanding product.

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