VLTOR VIS-2AK 1st Gen Polylithic Upper Receiver – 9″ Handguard w/ Forward Assist (blem)

VLTOR VIS-2AK 1st Gen Polylithic Upper Receiver – 9″ Handguard w/ Forward Assist (blem)



VLTOR VIS-2AK Polylithic Upper Receiver
w/ 9″ Handguard and Forward Assist

The VIS (Versatile Interface Structure) is a “polylithic” upper receiver assembly, in which the upper receiver and handguard have been permanently fused into a single, aggregate part. This design provides greatly improved structural strength and repeatable accuracy. The handguard is unable to twist or flex in relation to the receiver, and there is no gap present between the components. The VIS affords the user the benefits of a free-floating barrel, and solid-railed forend.

This VIS upper accepts all standard AR15/M4 barrels. No proprietary barrel assemblies are required, as they are with many of the other one-piece/monolithic upper assemblies on the market.  The lower panel of the handguard features a very effective heat shield. The lower panel is completely removable by way of two cam latches. The panel comes off to give you access to the barrel and barrel nut for installation and maintenance purposes. The VIS can also be used with the lower panel removed to accommodate an underslung grenade launcher.

This VIS-2AK features a 9″ handguard (actual distance from theoretical receiver face is around 9 5/16″). This specific handguard length will sit just behind an FSB in the mid-length position (a low-pro gas block in the mid-length position would be exposed – if trying to cover a mid-length low-pro block, step up to the 10″ model). The shell deflector module on this model DOES include a forward assist, as shown. The VIS-2AK is a great one-piece upper to base your next carbine or AR pistol on. The photos on the wood background show the VIS-2AK mocked up with a 16″ barrel.

-Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
-Hardened to T6 specifications
-Hard coat anodized, black per MIL-A-8625 TYPE III Class 2
-6013 forged upper with 6061 extruded handguard

1. Will a standard barrel nut work?
No. You do have to use the provided barrel nut and “one-time use wrench”

2. Do you sell an armorers version of the VIS wrench?
We do not. Our VIS wrenches are meant for one barrel installation. You can purchase additional VIS nuts and wrenches separately.

4. What kind of mounting block should I use?
We recommend that you use the Geissele Reaction Rod for installation. Damage could occur if you use clamp style mounting blocks or blocks that do not support the upper internally. This could void your warranty.

5. How do you remove the forward assist to install a custom dust cover?
Due to our Lifetime Warranty, we advise that you not remove or attempt to remove your forward assist. Our Lifetime Warranty covers all of our products as long as they are not modified in any way (i.e. disassembly, Cerakote, painted, Durakote, etc.). We do offer a service in house that will maintain your Lifetime Warranty. Please contact us to arrange this service.

7. What is included with the VIS Upper Receiver?
Included with the VIS Upper receiver is the VIS Barrel nut, the VIS barrel wrench, and the M203 mounting bracket and screws.


The VIS is supplied as a one-piece upper receiver and handguard assembly ONLY (a VIS barrel nut and all necessary installation hardware is also included). However, there is NO barrel, charging handle, BUIS, or any other components included.

These 1st generation VIS units are NEW OLD STOCK. We have not made these in many years, and probably will not make them again. A small number of these VIS units have cosmetic blemishes, small scratches, or different types of anomalies in the exterior finish. To be on the safe side, we are selling ALL of these 1st generation VIS units as “blemished items”. It is also worth noting that these various first generation VIS uppers were manufactured during a transitional phase. The shell deflector may vary between the old riveted deflector style, and the newer one-piece machined deflector. Laser markings may also vary from what is shown. Please be aware of this and open to accommodating these variations before purchasing. These are offered AS-IS.



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