M1-S: M14/M1A Improved Modstock System


M1-S: M14/M1A Improved Modstock System

M1-S: M14/M1A Improved Modstock System
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While our original M14/M1A Stock System has been the essential upgrade to the Springfield SOCOM platform, we saw huge areas of improvement. The stock system is now formed with VLTOR’s proprietary mold and is manufactured with a proprietary carbon fiber composite. This makes the stock system stronger and lighter than ever before. The stock is adjustable for five lengths of pull and adjusts for elevation. In its lowest position the stock will allow for the use of iron sights or the stock can be raised up to 1.25″ higher for use with mounted optics. This stock system features an improved magwell relief that allows for easier operation of any M14/M1A magazine. The buttstock is slightly wider and longer at the toe than a regular M4 stock with a noticeable negative pitch, making transitions from the ready position feel more natural.

The M1-S Stock system comes included with: carbon fiber composite fore end, pistol grip assembly, buttstock adapter, and VLTOR EMOD buttstock.

*The handguard shown is the VLTOR CASV-14 and is sold separately*

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  • Lightweight
  • Drop-in installation
  • Proprietary mold and carbon fiber composite specific to VLTOR
  • Stock adjusts for 1.25″ in elevation
  • Comes in a choice of four colors: Black, FDE/Tan, Foliage Green, or Raw
  • Waterproof side battery compartments that holds (4) CR123 or (3) AA batteries in each compartment
  • Weatherproof compartment in the clubfoot area of the stock that hold two AA  batteries
  • Comes pre-assembled with carbon fiber composite forend, pistol grip, stock adapter and VLTOR EMOD buttstock
  • Buttstock is impact and temperature resistant polymer, specifically blended for VLTOR stocks
  • Matte (anti-reflection/anti-glare) finish
  • Has standard military and quick disconnect swivel socket accessible from both sides
  • Available in Semi-Auto (M1-SS) or Select Fire (M1-SF)

  • Weight of stock system: 2lbs 13oz
  • LOP fully collapsed: 11.50 inches
  • LOP fully extended: 14.75 inches
  • Buttpad angle: -5 degrees with decrease to -15 at toe


1. Which M1A/M14’s will this stock fit? The M1S stock will fit most M1A/M14’s with the exception of some special applications. These include: medium weight barrel, heavy barrel, National Match barrel, additional/improved bedded lug, M21 and M25 type rifles. We also sell this stock system in Semi-Auto or Select Fire, please make sure that you select the correct stock for your application at the time of purchase.

2. Can I purchase this stock system without the buttstock? We do not sell the parts to this stock system separately. It will come complete with carbon fiber composite foreend, pistol grip, stock adaptor, and buttstock.

3. Is there any adaptor that I can purchase to take off the battery compartments and have something fill the void? At this time we do not sell a product that will allow you to take off the battery compartments and fill that void with something. The original modstock cheekweld adaptors will not fit the EMOD.

4. I lost my battery compartment caps. Can I purchase them through VLTOR? Yes, we sell the compartment caps separately. Visit our webstore or give us a call to place an order.


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1 review for M1-S: M14/M1A Improved Modstock System

  1. 5 out of 5


    To say that I’m less than ecstatic would be an understatement. I have been looking for a long time for a system that would work for me and my M1a. I install the stock in about 15 min and seeing I was at the range( I’m the range master) I put rounds down range. This is not my old M-14 from Nam or my AR-10. I loved it, it really makes a difference. This stock system in quality work . You get what you paid for and it is made right here in the good old USA. I now will order the mount that goes under the stock the QDM-14 to finish the system off.

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