VIS Fusion: Polylithic Upper with KeyMod


VIS-KM Fusion: Polylithic Upper with Keymod

VIS Fusion: Polylithic Upper with KeyMod

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The VLTOR VIS Fusion is a new version of the very successful VIS polylithic upper receiver series. The VIS Fusion differs from the features of the original VLTOR VIS series because the lower handguard portion of the forend is not removable. The upper instead features a one-piece forend with an access panel towards the rear, allowing for accessibility to the barrel nut for installation, disassembly, and maintenance. The VLTOR VIS Fusion affords the end-user the strength and reliability that has become customary with VLTOR VIS uppers, while providing the advantage of decreased weight.

The VLTOR VIS Fusion uppers are polylithic in design. The handguard portion is permanently fused to the receiver, which results in a solid one-piece design.

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  • Hard coat anodized, black per MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2
  • 6013 forged upper with 6061 extruded handguard, hardened to T6 specifications
  • One-piece handguard design
  • Access panel for assembly, disassembly, and maintenace
  • Compatible with most Mil-Spec AR-15 parts and most KeyMod mounted accessories
  • Available in shell deflector only or forward assist models



1. Will a standard barrel nut work?

No. You do have to use the provided barrel nut and “one-time use wrench”

 2. Do you sell an armorers version of the VIS wrench?

We do not. Our VIS wrenches are meant for one barrel installation. You can purchase additional VIS nuts and wrenches separately.

 3. Will the Noveske KX3 fit underneath the handguard? Will a suppressor fit?

The Noveske KX3 and KX5 will fit underneath the VIS Fusion’s handguard. Unfortunately, a suppressor will not fit.

4. What kind of mounting block should I use?

We recommend that you use the Geissele Reaction Rod for installation. Damage could incur if you use clamp style mounting blocks or blocks that do not support the upper internally. This could void your warranty.

 5. How do you remove the forward assist to install a custom dust cover?

Due to our Lifetime Warranty, we advise that you not remove or attempt to remove your forward assist. Our Lifetime Warranty covers all of our products as long as they are not modified in any way (i.e. disassembly, Cerakote, painted, Durakote, etc.). We do offer a service in house that will maintain your Lifetime Warranty. Please contact us to arrange this service.

 6. Do you make a VIS that is compatible with .308?

We do not current have a .308 compatible MUR available; however, our Research and Development team is exploring this area.

7. What is included with the VIS Upper Receiver?

Included with the VIS Upper receiver is the VIS Barrel nut, and the VIS barrel wrench.

 8. I want to know how much barrel will be protruding from the handguard. How do I measure this?

If you visit the “specifications” tab it lists the handguard length. This measurement is taken from the barrel extension flange to the end of the handguard. You must first know the barrel length from the back of the barrel extension flange forward to determine the amount of handguard that will cover your barrel.  *All measurements are nominal and subject to change*

Handguard LengthWeightInterior Diameter
VIS-F76.65"15.85 oz1.40"
VIS-F98.22"17.15 oz1.40"
VIS-F109.80"18.50 oz1.40"
VIS-F1211.38"19.85 oz1.40"
VIS-F1413.74"21.20 oz1.40"
VIS-F1514.53"22.55 oz1.40"


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